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Comprehensive Training On Injection Molding Troubleshooting…

We’ve put together samples from injection molding training, including an entire course on troubleshooting injection molding problems inside this “Members Only” website. Injection Molded Part Problems and Solutions is an entire course dedicated to solving molded part defects and learning a proven, systematic injection molding troubleshooting system. You get video samples to watch ¬†and complete outlines of every lesson in every course.

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injection molding operator trainingBasic Injection Molding Machine Operations

practical injection moldingPractical Injection Molding with SkillBuilder (Molding Lab Lessons)

injection molded part problems and solutions
Injection Molded Part Problems and Solutions with SkillBuilder

decoupled molding training
Implementing Decoupled Molding

electric injection molding machines
Electric Molding Machine Operation

injection molding machine maintenance
Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

efficient mold setting
Efficient Mold Setting

hot runner molding solutions
Hot Runner Molding Solutions

What Our Customers Say…

“We’re using this training already and it is working really well. Seeing immediate results. Thanks for sharing your knowledge; it is already making my job easier.”
Ray Gaudette, Energizer

“So you think you know molding? Think again!”
Victor King, Subaru

“I have 19 years of injection molding experience and still gained a lot of knowledge after completing this course.”
Kevin Vandermark, Leggett & Platt

“An absolute must for project managers in the plastic industry.”
Jamie McGrath, Berry Plastics

“Excellent course. It teaches you to process from the plastic’s point of view rather than the press.”
Tim Rhodes – IPEC

You Also Get Access To All These Paulson Courses…

  • Statistical Process Control for Injection Molding
  • Understanding Materials for Profitable Molding
  • Plastic Drying Technology
  • Injection Molding Operating Methods and Economics
  • Industrial Systems Training
  • Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding
  • Engel Machines – Basic Injection Molding
  • Design of Experiments for Injection Molders
  • Optimizing Machine Control Settings
  • Expert Molding Series

What Your Employee’s Will Be Saying…

“It is good to know how and why plastics react the way they do in the molding process. It takes out a lot of guesswork when you have the knowledge.”
Marty Sink, Tyco Electronics

“These courses can benefit molders from 20 days experience to 20 years experience.”
Joe Monte, Florida Custom Mold

“I now feel more confident when I walk into my plant.”
Leslie Develle – Intralox

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